Submission Guidelines

Abstracts, articles and inquiries should be submitted to:
The Publisher, 8M Construction Digest (8MCD)
+256 7033 07461, +256 7724 31465

Copied to:
Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE)
+256 414 287 292

Engineers Registration Board (ERB)
+256 414 288 771

Submission Deadlines
For the January – June Issue, abstracts should be submitted by 30th September; For the July – December Issue, abstracts should be submitted by 31st March.

Copyright Notice
The information provided and the opinions given in this publication are not necessarily those of ERB, UIPE or the editors, and should not be acted upon without independent consideration and professional advice. ERB, UIPE and the editors will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person acting or refraining from acting upon any material contained in this publication.

  1.  Submitted articles shall be between 2,000 and 3,000 words, which may be 7 - 9 pages. The abstract should be between 200 - 250 words.
  2. Articles shall be prepared in Times New Roman font style, font 12, single spacing and submitted in both PDF and MS Word.
  3. All submissions should be in the English language, prepared using Microsoft Word application version 2010 or latest version; and aligned in the acceptable forms of the ERB/UIPE shared template with clear high-resolution pictures;
  4. Articles can be sourced from engineering projects being undertaken at the author's place of work, organisation Case Studies;
  5. Articles can be from completed or on-going research at universities, companies, and other research institutions;
  6. Articles in the form of technical notes summarizing content of engineering reports submitted for purposes of registration with the ERB are also acceptable;
  7. Articles should be sent through email in the MS Word and PDF format;
  8. The authors must submit passport photos (high resolution in jpg format), contact email addresses and a brief biography of 100-200 words;
  9. Images submitted should be 300dpi (dots per inch) and a minimum of 8 X 10 inches. All images included in the articles/papers should be submitted separately in their original )PEG formats.
Tips on how to write an article
  1. Purpose: Why write the article?
  2. Consider carefully why you are writing the article;
  3.  What message do you have?
  4. Are you convincing or persuading on something?
  5. Are you educating, informing and criticizing? Arguing a point?
  6. What effect are you seeking in the long or short term?
  7. Any other considerations?
  1. Audience: To whom are you writing?
  2. Policymakers?
  3. Professionals?
  4. The business community?
  5. Institutions of higher learning (lecturers/students) and researchers?
  6. NGOs and international bodies?
  7. Any combination of the above?
  8. Any others?
  1. Content of the article
  2. Introduction of the topic
  3. Write about the subject matter: using what, where, when, why, and how
  4. When writing, remember to use facts, pictures, illustrations, etc to convince or persuade the audience
  5. Give recommendations;
  6. Show references if any;
  7. Tailor article to required specifications of size and fonts;
  8. Style: What choice of language?
  9. Use a language suitable for the purpose and to the audience, e.g. if engineers/medical practitioners, use the appropriate technical language;
  10. Use correct grammar, preferably with short easy-to-understand sentences tailored to the point.
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